Spring Memory Foam Mattress Modern Luxury


Comfy Spring Memory Foam Mattress Features 

  • Hypo-allergenic and anti-dust mite perfect for allergy and asthma suffers
  • Contours to your body’s natural shape
  • Orthopedic Support
  • Improved overall support for your body relieving pressure points
  • Improved blood circulation to aid a more restful sleep
  • Full head to toe anatomical support
  • Medium Soft
  • The soft luxurious deep quilted sleeping surface
  • Rolled and Vacuum packed for easy transportation
  • The mattress will start to expand and take approximately 2 hours to expand fully.
  • This spring mattress contains a spring interior with a thin layer of memory foam
  • Single spring memory foam mattress is suitable for cabin beds, bunk beds, divan beds, adults, and children.
  • The double memory foam mattress is suitable for adults and children.


  • Mattress Depth Approx 6″
  • Cool spring mattress
  • Long life 13.5 open coil spring
  • Stitched Border
  • Spiral Pattern stitching
  • 500gsm Polyester
  • Top Fabric: knit fabric
  • Bottom Fabric: knit fabric